House Rewiring And Renovation Electrician Drysdale & Bellarine Peninsula

Whether you are renovating, you’re looking for house rewiring or building a new home, Lachlan is the electrician that can help you!

Renovation Electrician Drysdale And The Bellarine

Do you need an electrician to help you with your renovation on the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong or the Surfcoast?

  • Make safe your lighting and power points before you commence demolition for your renovation.
  • Advice on lighting design and power point positioning.
  • Advice on the latest energy efficient items on the market.
  • Advice on the most cost effective way to handle the electrical part of your renovation – this is really helpful if you are an owner builder.

We are reliable, honest, fast electricians and always undertake quality work. We pride ourselves on keeping our projects clean and tidy, which of course also keeps our clients happy!

Our pricing is always competitive and we use only reputable products for our installations.

Please contact us for a free quote today and we will be sure to impress!

House Rewiring Drysdale & Bellarine Peninsula

  • Is your house 40 years old and never had the wiring checked?
  • Do you have old black cabling running through your house?
  • Do you have rodents that have eaten your cabling?
  • Do your fuses or circuit breakers keep blowing/tripping because you are overloading your circuits?
  • Have you had fire damage?

If you live in the Bellarine, Geelong or Surfcoast we can give you a free quote on your rewire and give advice on the most cost effective solution to your problem.

  • Old black cabling disintegrates when you touch it or it moves and leaves only bare conductors which can cause a fire quite easily.
  • Most older houses are lucky if they had two power circuits installed for appliances! These days with our love of appliances this just doesn’t work. Do you have your washing machine, dryer, toaster, microwave and kettle plugged in and then try to turn the TV on and the fuse blows or circuit breaker trips?

This can be fixed by installing an extra circuit from your switchboard to the area that you use the most power in which is usually your kitchen.

We Can Also Wire Your New Home

Earthtech Electrical will work with you from start to finish of your new home build and can offer the following services integral to your build

  • Liaising with Retailers and Powercor to ensure your power is connected when you require it.
  • Installation of builders power.
  • Advice on designing your lighting and power layout.
  • Advice on energy efficiency products like LED lighting.
  • Advice and installation of split system air conditioning.
  • Installation of phone/ data and TV cabling.
  • Efficient rough in when you require it done
  • Fit off of your new home in line with your schedule.
  • Full commissioning of the electrical installation as per regulation to ensure no problem once you move in.
  • Full cooperation with other trades to overcome any issues that may arise during the build.
  • Our electricians always maintain a clean and tidy work place.
  • We always maintain a professional attitude.

If any or all of the above points sound good to you then please give us a ring today for your free quote!

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