LED Light Installer Drysdale & The Bellarine Peninsula


  • Do you live on the Drysdale, Bellarine, Surfcoast or Geelong?
  • Do you want to SAVE SOME MONEY on your electricity bill?
  • Do you feel that your house is very dull or there are spaces that need more lighting?
  • Do you have trouble reading the paper or your book at night?
  • Do you have lighting around the outside of your house?
  • Do you have halogen downlights in your property and would like to change to energy efficient LED lighting?
  • Are you renovating?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, EarthTech your LED light installer in Drysdale and The Bellarine can help.

  • We can help you design your new lighting layout for your whole house or even just for a small renovation.
  • We can offer advice on which LED light fittings to buy if you want to supply your own lights.
  • We can also offer a discount on some fittings from Beacon Lighting.
  • We can install LED strip lighting under your kitchen cabinets to light up your work space.
  • We can get rid of those old halogens that use 45 Watts per light fitting and replace them with an LED fitting that only uses 9 Watts per fitting – this is a big saving on your electricity bill!

We can even light up your yard or entertaining area for you.

  • We can supply and install LED deck lighting.
  • We can supply and install LED pond lighting.
  • We can even supply LED light fittings that change colour!
  • We can light up your backyard, around your office, around your farm or around your factory if you are worried about intruders or just want to make your shop stand out.


The lighting possibilities are endless and LED light fittings do not cost much to run.




Call Lachlan Your LED Light Installer On 0415 711 435. Servicing Drysdale, The Bellarine Peninsula And Beyond