Safety Switch Installation & Switchboard Upgrades Drysdale & Bellarine


Switchboard upgrades

  • Have you ever looked at your switchboard at your house or rental property?
  • Do you have old fuses or plug in circuit breakers?
  • Are you tired of replacing fuse wires in your fuses?
  • Are you worried about the integrity of your switchboard?
  • How would you feel if your switchboard caused a fire at your property?
  • Do you have a proper earthing system installed at your property?


With the Bellarine, Drysdale and Geelong being an older area there are a lot of old style ceramic fused type switchboards that need replacing.

Earthtech Electrical can help you switchboard upgrades with a completely new installation with circuit breakers and safety switches. This will ensure the safety of your family, tenants, property and assets.

If you do not have an earth stake then this is also installed at the time of the upgrade to ensure that if there is a fault, it will go to earth and not through your taps or pipes into the property.

All of our upgrades are certified by a Licensed Electrical Inspector as per regulation and we pride ourselves on the fact that not one of our installations has failed an inspection to date!

Safety Switch Installation

  • Do you have a safety switch installed at your property?
  • Do you have safety switches installed on both power and lighting in your property?
  • Do your kids stick things into power points?
  • Do your kids put toys in the toaster and then try to get them out like mine do?
  • Do you have a rental property and want to protect both your tenants and your investment?
  • Do you want to protect yourself from electric shock?

Earthtech Electrical can help you with a new safety switch installation!

If you live on the Bellarine, Geelong, Drysdale or the Surfcoast we can give you expert advice and a free quote on what would be required to protect your family, yourself, your tenants and your property.

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